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Artist & Event Coordinator 

Hey my name is Nico and I use they/them pronouns! I’m an Art History student at Colorado State University, and whenever I’m not in class I focus on my own art and on experiencing life. My favorite art mediums are gouache and collage work. I’m a big fan of the punk ideology and aesthetic.

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Heyooo!! I’m Jennifer, I’m 17 and fresh out of high school. I live in CA and I spend my time outdoors exploring with friends (constantly in search of the next magical sesh spot). I love art and photography, and it’s a great way to let my emotions flow. Stay sexy and I can’t wait to see what you submit! :))




Whats up, I’m Emily. I'm from northern California, and I am a bAnD kiD. Most of my time is spent with my guitar or blasting music in my bedroom. I aspire to work in the film industry and therefore have seen many movies. I love movies and film in general, but I spend my time embroidering, playing the guitar and watching Jeopardy!!!





Hi I'm Mel :) (short for Karamel) I'm 17 and would consider myself an artist of all sorts—I draw and make music and write poetry and go on my own adventures by myself.  I like to experience a lot of the things they show in teenage coming of age movies,, something about laying down on the street stargazing at 2 in the morning in solitude is comforting, makes me feel alive.  when I get older I wish to be a full time musician with a band of my own making art on the side,, I think life will be just peachy then...  one day.




Hi I'm Shelby!! I'm an interdisciplinary artist currently working towards her BFA with a concentration in ceramics in Philadelphia, PA. I'm also super passionate about teaching art and work/volunteer at two local art studios. In addition, I love music, fashion, makeup, and going to concerts. Check out my work on my website